OUR DINNER MENU HAS ALL OF YOUR FAVORITES and several exciting surprises.

Our menu features all your favorites & delicious new surprises

Chef Paulina Tarducci worked with Frances Cannarsa Truant in the late 1970s to create the dishes that are still favorites at Giovanni’s Ristorante. The delicate blend of homemade pastas and original sauces originate from the San Marino region of Italy.

If there is something you’ve had before, but it’s not on the menu, simply ask. We will do our best to accommodate special requests.

There are “Daily Features” which emphasize what is fresh and locally grown. Chef Randy creates seasonal desserts – a Key Lime cheesecake in summer, a Pumpkin cheesecake for autumn – to complement the traditional favorites – Cannoli, Tira Misu and Spumoni.

Coming soon to Giovanni’s … More Farm-to-Table entrees, grown in the Giovanni community garden!

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