Frances Cannarsa Truant, Chef Randy Truant

Frances Cannarsa Truant

Frances is the heart and soul of Giovanni’s. In the late 1970’s she had a vision for the family pizza parlor named for her beloved father. She was dedicated to building an elegant, five-star, award winning dining establishment with the help of her friend Executive Chef Paulina Tarducci.

Frances worked hard day-in-and-day-out to bring life to her vision. The reality became clear as families and friends came to expect only the finest Italian cuisine, surrounded by the warmth of a familiar setting in a neighborhood many called home. She continues to shop daily for the freshest ingredients, the finest quality linens – glassware and she arranges flowers, greets guests and works the room nearly every night the restaurant is open.

Frances treats every guest as though they were family, whether they are a former neighbor – a super star – an executive from an industrial giant. The regulars and the privacy seekers know they can trust her and enjoy her contagious laughter. She is one of kind, a friend to many and a true Italian matriarch.

Frances Cannarsa Truant, Chef Randy Truant

Randy Truant

Chef Randy grew up in Allen Park the youngest son of Frances and Olindo Truant. He received a Mechanical Engineering degree from Lawrence Technological University in 1991. Having lost his father at a very young age he went to work in the family business to help out his mother.

He had the extraordinary opportunity to train with Executive Chef Paulina Tarducci. Chef Paulina was an original with authentic recipes from the “old country”. Randy was privileged to work hand-in-hand with Paulina to learn the old world charm and flavor of traditional Italian cuisine. The experience was undeniably his good fortune.

Today Chef Randy travels extensively in search of unique recipes, distinctive wines and the latest culinary trends. In addition to managing the daily operations of the restaurant and the staff, Randy works hands-on in the kitchen creating signature dishes, savory sauces and seasonal delights for the discriminate sweet tooth. He orchestrates the delicate art of pasta making, which is served daily in the restaurant.

Randy finds working with his Mom challenging at times, but together they have created an inviting, yet unique dining experience. If you ask the regular crowd about Chef Randy, they say his specials are “out-of-this-world”, and his smile is genuine.